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Armada trace 108 20/21

Armada Trace 108 

After breaking resort boundaries last year, our off-piste minded TRACE SERIES is back for seconds, serving up a quiver of directional backcountry skis that might have you ditching the lift line for good.

The Armada Trace 108 knows you have to get up to get down. That's why, for 20/21 we upgraded it's core to Caruba, further pushing the ski's lightweight efficiency, while  ensuring chatter dampening and overall stability through strategic use of Adaptive Mesh and Ti Binding Reinforcements. Carved from backcountry pedigree with a nod to devout freeriders everywhere, the 108 weighs in light, but doesn’t leave performance to chance.

Vi tilbyr Armada Trace 108 i pakke med standard alpinbinding, eller med toppturbindinger.